An absolutely packed Kamil Art Gallery officially opened its new exciting exhibition called ‘Silhouettes Unveiled’ by the Scandinavian painter Kenneth Blom.

This series of Blom’s new paintings created especially for the occasion was brought to the Principality by Anette Birch, his gallerist and a resident of Monaco who has been working with Blom for the past eight years. 

Blom’s lifelong fascination with people is obvious; his paintings take us to the heart of natural or architectural landscapes from which strange silhouettes emanate, as if frozen in time “before they become them. That moment right before they start talking, fighting, killing, loving or whatever else they might be doing.” The silhouettes that emerge draw us into the mysteries of human psychology, further adding to the relatability of his paintings.

Kenneth Blom, ‘Sight’, 2023, oil on canvas, 95 x 76 cm

For NEWS.MC, Blom said that he dreams of making one painting before he dies which is perfect; “and you won’t manage, you know that but you still hope for another one…”

“This exhibition presents 18 versions of “I didn’t manage but I tried.” 

Modesty aside, Blom’s works are in high demand, admired and shown extensively around the world. 

The Oslo-based artist, who was born in Denmark and grew up in Norway, was always surrounded by art, as his father was a jeweller and designer. Blom attended the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts from 1990 to 1994 and completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Düssedorf in 1995. Since then, he has established himself as a modern Nordic contemporary artist in galleries worldwide. 

Silhouettes Unveiled are available to see and acquire at the Kamil Art Gallery in Monaco until Monday, April 22. Discover more about Blom and his art on his official website, here.

Featured image by Martina Brodie: Anette Birch and Kenneth Blom in front of the Kamil Art Gallery