Following the election of Thomas Brezzo as president of the Monaco National Council, the elected officials met in the Plenary Study Commission this Monday, April 8, to appoint the presidents of the commissions, both permanent and special.

Christine Pasquier-Ciulla was elected President of the Legislation Commission, replacing the now presiding Brezzo, while Béatrice Fresko-Rolfo was elected President of the Commission on Family Rights and Equality, taking on the role that was previously held by Pasquier-Ciulla.

Meanwhile, Marie-Noëlle Gibelli was elected Vice-President of the Culture and Heritage Commission. The National Council reappointed all the other commission presidencies, all of which were voted on unanimously by those present at the session.

Featured image: From left to right – Béatrice Fresko-Rolfo, Christine Pasquier-Ciulla, Marie-Noëlle Gibelli