Mayor Georges Marsan was back at work at Monaco’s Town Hall on Monday, April 8, after an enforced absence of almost four months.

The Mayor was arrested shortly before Christmas and later charged with a number of offences involving corruption. These were active bribery of a national public official, passive corruption by a national public official, active and passive influence peddling, illegal taking of interest by a national public official and criminal association.

In a statement on Monday, the Town Hall said, translated literally from French: “It is by thanking the deputy mayor, the members of the Municipal Council and all the staff that Mayor Georges Marsan returned to the Town Hall today,”

Deputy Mayor Camille Svara had taken over at the head of the Town Hall administration following Mayor Marsan’s arrest.

A Town Hall press conference has been called for April 16.

On Monday evening, the prosecutor’s office issued a statement: “The judges… decided to lighten the judicial review to which Mr. Marsan is subject and to lift the ban on him entering into contact with town hall staff. He remains charged, and subject to judicial control which notably prohibits him from entering in contact with various people, including traders from the Condamine market and the market hall of Monaco. places he is prohibited from frequenting. The public prosecutor’s office recalls that Mr Marsan is still presumed innocent.”

FILE PHOTO: Mayor Marsan