NEWS.MC had the pleasure of meeting Thomas Rodier three years ago, a young former student of the Principality with a severe form of a rare genetic disease called retinitis pigmentosa, which continued to take his eyesight away. Today, Rodier is 23 years-old, and his vision has been gravely reduced, but his determination has certainly not.

Inspired by her son’s perseverance, Thomas’ mother, Corinne Rodier founded the Wink Monaco association to support and educate others with and about hearing and sight loss.

“We do intervention into schools, such as FANB where I was a former student. The goal here is to prevent hearing and sight issues by explaining to the younger generation that vision and hearing are senses that do not regenerate once they are damaged. That’s it. Therefore, it’s important to bring about good practice in everyday life to protect those senses,” said Rodier, adding that “this association also helps visually impaired and hearing impaired people to reintegrate into the job market.”

No stranger to charity, Louis Ducruet has become an ambassador to the Wink Monaco association. The nephew of HSH Prince Albert and captain of the Barbagiuans therefore takes on another noble fight.

Image provided by Wink Monaco association – Louis Ducruet with Thomas and Corinne Rodier at Monaco Telethon 2023

Discover more about the Wink Monaco association and make a donation at

Featured image: Thomas Rodier and his mother, the president of the Wink Monaco association, Corinne Rodier© Jack Brodie