Monaco’s Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Christophe Robino has become the latest Principality official to have his identity stolen and fabricated into a fake Facebook account.

Robino took to his legitimate LinkedIn account to clarify the confusing turn of events, writing “a fake Facebook account with my identity has been identified. I would like to point out that this is not my official account and that I do not have a META Facebook account. So, I would advise not to follow this fake account and report any suspicious activity related to this fake account. I encourage you to follow only verified official accounts to get authentic information.” See said fake account below:

Fake profiles of government officials are just one of many issues faced by the global social media network now known as Meta, as users hiding behind influential figures can spread misinformation or steal personal information. Former Monaco mayor Georges Marsan fell victim to several fake accounts being made in his name in recent years.

The faux Facebook profile has since been deactivated by Meta Facebook, the company which also owns fellow social network colossus Instagram.

Featured image courtesy of Frederic Nebinger: Christophe Robino