Fabrice Notari, head of the Monegasque delegation, and Corinne Bertani actively participated in the work of the 148th IPU Assembly, which is taking place in Geneva from March 22 to 27.

The IPU Assembly brings together representatives of parliaments from all over the world to agree on policies to be carried out at the international level on all the major issues relating to peace, security and human rights.

During this session, three themes are debated: – “Parliamentary diplomacy: building links to promote peace and understanding ” – “The social and humanitarian impact of autonomous weapons systems and artificial intelligence” – “Partnerships for climate action: promoting access to green energy affordable and encourage innovation, responsibility and equity.”

During this Assembly, Fabrice Notari was particularly involved in the work of the Permanent Commission dedicated to sustainable development. Corinne Bertani, for her part, actively participated at the Forum of Women Parliamentarians in order to formulate measures aimed at defending women specifically affected by armed conflicts.

The Assembly will conclude with the adoption of joint resolutions which enable parliamentary efforts to coordinate actions to be formulated as concrete measures to meet the complex challenges of this period when conflicts are abundant.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTOS: Monaco Government Press Service