The Bal de la Rose, held on Saturday at the Sporting Monte-Carlo, was very upbeat this year, in keeping with the disco theme perhaps.

One of the major social events of the year, a major fundraiser for the Princess Grace Foundation, the evening served as a reminder of the Princely Family’s role at the pinnacle of Monaco society.

Eight hundred guests made the most of an opportunity to show their support for the Grimaldi dynasty at a time when the going has been a little tough.

Who better to egg them on than disco queen Gloria Gaynor belting out ‘I Will Survive’among other classics.

A bonus was a very sparkling Princess Charlene, sporting a new hairstyle, who has not attended Bal de la Rose events for several years.

While, as usual, the flair and commitment of Princess Caroline was very much in evidence, this was very notably everyone’s success.

MAIN PHOTO: The Prince and Family, centre, Gloria Gaynor performs Prince’s Palace