Since the end of January, no residents have used Monaco Telecom’s copper network to access the internet. Now the countdown has begun for businesses. From August 1, telephone calls and access to the internet will have to rely on new technologies or risk no longer working.

The Monaco Telecom teams and those of private installers are fully mobilised to support this technological transition. More than 600 companies will migrate to the fibre network before summer.

Nearly 3,000 companies have already successfully migrated to this latest generation network. Everything is in place at Monaco Telecom, whether at the Professional Space on Rue du Gabian, through Customer Service by telephone, within the technical teams and among installation partners, to support the last 600 who have not yet migrated.

The operation is a little more complex than for individuals: the internal network and the different peripherals (cameras, TPE, etc.) connected to the company box often need to be configured for new access.

Every business needs IT. This may take a little time. Today, 200 companies in which fibre has been installed are waiting for “switchover”, when all configuration operations are completed. Now there are only four months left to complete your migration.

The key word for the last 600 companies is therefore: anticipate, to avoid a service shutdown in August. This migration is sensitive and must be carried out jointly with the technical partners of each company, which sometimes involves a change of equipment if the equipment is too old. Here again, the Monaco Telecom teams and telephony specialists are all mobilised to facilitate this development.

Service shutdowns must begin from August 1. Eight hundred companies are still affected and must, given the waiting times which are likely to lengthen among integrators, trigger this update of their installation as quickly as possible. There will be no more service on the copper telecom network at the end of 2024.

Finally, individuals and professionals who still use a fixed telephone line using the famous socket T must also migrate to the new Monaco Telecom Fiber services before the end of December 2024.

“We are fully mobilised to finalise the extinction of the copper network in the Principality at the end of 2024. Our partners and our internal teams are not slowing down the pace of migrations. We we have successfully completed the first step in 2023 since no individual has access any more to the internet network via copper. This second deadline at the end of July is crucial for businesses. All together we we have no choice, we must succeed,” said Martin Péronnet, Monaco Telecom’s Managing Director.

Between August 1 and 31, 2024: shutdown of Internet service on the copper telecom network for companies • From August 1: end of service of copper telephone switchboards for businesses — Business Customer Service – 99 66 68 86 – Monday to Friday 08:00. to 19:00. – Saturday 09:00 to 17:30. Professional Space – 9 Rue du Gabian – Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00.

PHOTO: Martin Peronnet, Monaco Telecom Managing Director