Padel fans take note: the CMB Monaco Padel Master, the Monegasque leg of the A1 Padel international tournament, will take place from March 15 to 24, 2024!

CMB Monaco is firmly committed to the development of padel by supporting the A1 Padel Tour’s flagship event.

Fabrice Pastor, founder of the APT Padel Tour, which will become A1 Padel in 2023, expresses his gratitude to CMB Monaco for its partnership, saying: “We are honoured to have CMB Monaco’s support for this prestigious event. Together, we will propel padel to the top, and engage with enthusiasts of the sport in the Principality.”

Padel, described as a fusion of squash and tennis, is growing exponentially, becoming the sport with the highest increase in players in France since 2020, with more than 400,000 amateur players. Developed in Mexico in the 1970s, it conquered Spain, which has the highest number of licensed players, and then the rest of Europe.

Francesco Grosoli, CEO of CMB Monaco, underlines the Monegasque private bank’s desire to anticipate key trends: “The craze for padel will continue to grow. Just as we invest in our clients’ financial futures by anticipating emerging themes, we firmly believe that padel will be the leading sport in the years to come.”

The tournament kicks off on Friday 15 March at Tennis Padel Soleil in Beausoleil, and continues throughout the weekend, before moving to the Casino terraces on Monday, March 18, with daily matches starting at 09:00 until the grand final on Sunday March 24 at 15:00.


PHOTO: Courtesy A1 Padel Tour