Mayor Georges Marsan, in disgrace following his arrest 10 days before Christmas on suspicion of influence peddling, used his position to try to help his relatives, according to an extensive report in local French-language daily Monaco Matin.

His phone was tapped, revealing several conversations suggesting influence peddling, Monaco Matin reports. Among the allegations is a claim that Mayor Marsan put pressure on a cafe at Place d’Armes to employ a family member in a management capacity. The daily also alleges that the long-serving Mayor fished for a commission in the sale of a restaurant on Port Hercule.

Other allegations brought to light by the daily revolve around the Crémaillère development just over the border in Beausoleil, which has been moribund for several years and is a blot on the landscape..

The dossier of alleged offences committed by Monaco’s Mayor includes “corruption of a national public official”, “influence peddling”, “illegal taking of interest” and the more serious “criminal association.”

At present there is no court date for the Mayor and four co-defendants, but the case is set to blow the lid on many corrupt and questionable business practices at the heart of Monaco life. In the meantime, Mayor Marsan said through his lawyers that the allegations were unfounded.

FILE PHOTO: Long-serving Monaco Mayor Georges Marsan