Inaugurated last July by HSH Prince Albert II, the Digital House in the Condamine offers local digital support to Monegasques, residents and workers. The project is supported by the Prince’s Government, Monaco Telecom and Monaco Town Hall, as part of the Principality’s digital transformation program, Extended Monaco.

Located in the heart of the Jardins d’Apolline, the Digital House has already welcomed 1,500 people.Equipped with interactive terminals and a wide range of IT and digital equipment (smartphones, tablets, computers, connected TV, fibre modems, WIFI terminals etc.), the Digital House has welcomed 250 users each month in a fully modular space, mainly Monegasques and Residents, with an average age of around 65 years.

An entire week, called “Immersive Week”, held last November, examined the metaverse, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, welcoming around a hundred students, enthusiasts and curious people of all ages.

Pascal Rouison, said: “Digital in Monaco has been a success for five years. But it only makes sense if it is inclusive. And contrary to popular belief, seniors are not the only ones impacted by the digital divide. Our role is to offer the population the keys to understanding digital products and services deployed in the territory, and to support it in facing new technological disruptions like artificial intelligence.

For his part, Martin Peronnet, Managing Director of Monaco Telecom, reaffirmed the importance of offer a solution to all users to develop a relationship of trust, increase knowledge of each person and perpetuate a local service dear to the Monegasque operator. “We are well aware that innovation is useless if it is not shared by everyone. The Maison du Digital is a major step forward in the proximity and support that we we want to offer to each of our customers.”

The Gardens of Apolline 1, Promenade Honoré II 98000 Monaco – Tuesday to Friday: 10:00.– 18:30. Saturday: 10:00 – 14:30l Website: Tel: +377 92 26 92 26 Email:

FILE PHOTO: At opening of Digital House. HSH Prince Albert shares a pleasantry with Monaco Telecom majority owner Xavier Niel Ian Brodie