France is currently facing a major mobility challenge, with strikes affecting the SNCF network in the middle of the school holidays. Holidaymakers and French people on the move are actively looking for transport alternatives to compensate for the cancellation of their trains, and this situation led last weekend to a significant increase in reservations on the Getaround platform, which claims to be the European leader in travel. car sharing.

Getaround recorded an average of +25 percent bookings across the country compared to the same period last year, with a notable spike of +30 percent in Paris. This increase clearly reflects the growing demand for flexible mobility solutions in the face of rail service disruptions. A new co’ntrollers strike is planned for this Friday February 23 and Saturday February 24, exacerbating concerns about the capacity of traditional transport networks to meet the needs of holidaymakers. In this context, carsharing is emerging as a viable and increasingly popular solution for those looking to maintain their travel plans without too much disruption.

Getaround, with its extensive range of vehicles accessible across France, positions itself as a practical alternative for travel, both for short trips in the city and for intercity trips. The platform offers a flexible solution that adapts to the immediate needs of users, providing an alternative to trains affected by strikes. About Getaround: Getaround connects safe, convenient and affordable cars with people who need them to live and work. Our goal is to create the world’s best carsharing platform with proprietary technology and data that makes vehicle sharing superior to owning. Founded in 2009, Getaround is present in more than 950 cities in 8 countries.

People use Getaround to find a car nearby, which they can unlock with their phone, and go wherever they want for a few hours or a few days. The Getaround community includes owners – individuals and businesses, including those who operate their own car-sharing businesses – who share their cars on the platform, and drivers who rely on the cars provided for their on-demand mobility needs.

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