The Fiat 500 Monte-Carlo Club is preparing for an exceptional event. The iconic small Italian cars will leave from the Principality of Monaco for a long weekend, from April 26 to 28, to reach Turin, the city symbol of the automobile industry world and the birthplace of the famous Fiat 500.

The programme will be rich in activities, with visits to the FCA Héritage Hub, at the MAuto (one of the most comprehensive and important automobile museums in world), at the Open Garage and Restauro, at the Pinacoteca Agnelli, at Casa 500 and, on Sunday… something truly unique!

“You will have the exceptional opportunity to drive your Fiat historic 500 on the legendary track on the roof of the Lingotto (the former FIAT factory), where the cars were produced on the lower floors and tested on the roof. It’s a long-awaited moment in the world of classic cars, because the PISTA 500 was granted exclusively and exceptionally for the Principality club… This is an extraordinary opportunity for all members of our Fiat 500 Monte-Carlo Club and for enthusiasts”, explains the president of the Monegasque club, Massimo Peleson.

Fiat’s rooftop track

“Driving our expensive cars on the historic Lingotto track on the roof of the former Fiat factory will be an unforgettable experience for all of us. This particular track, unique in the world, is a busy place centred on a captivating story. Built in the 1930s and witness to difficult times during the war, this track reflects resilience and determination. The fact that it was specially reserved for our club is a tribute to our commitment and our passion not only for the historic Fiat 500, but also for the culture of the vintage automobile world in general. In addition to the exciting opportunity to drive on the Pista 500, we cannot forget the importance of the museums we visit during this event.

“The FCA Héritage Hub and the famous MAuto are not just gathering places for automobile memorabilia extraordinary, but they are also tangible testimonies to the rich history of the industry world automobile and the Fiat 500 in particular, and we are sure that they will add a added value to our overall experience. We are grateful to Stellantis and the Agnelli Foundation for the opportunity to make part of the history of Lingotto and we look forward to sharing this adventure with our members.

“This weekend in Turin will be a moment forever engraved in our memories! We We’re ready to break time limits with this event! This is the spirit of the Fiat 500 Club Monte-Carlo: creating new unforgettable memories together.”

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