On Monday, January 29, we lost someone who the author considered a core friend in Monaco, Gerard Norton, aged 82.
Certainly if you’ve been in Monaco’s British community across several decades, you may have known or known of Gerard, certainly so in his days with Moores-Roland and as an active member of the Institute of Directors.

Notably controversial in his opinions and at times a bit quirky, he was nonetheless for me a heartfelt and deeply devoted friend extending back to our first meeting at a NatWest cocktail during the summer of 1991.

Hardly was he of typically Monaco-level means; yet he was as generous as one could be without ever asking for anything in return. Whether it was to be helping someone financially ‘thin,’ bringing food to the elderly in Beausoleil, or even sharing his wee apartment for those in need of a brief place to stay, he was there for them.

He was a master, too, at bringing people together.  Many of us whom he befriended were introduced by him, including the co-directors of the author’s company which would not exist without our individually having known Gerard.
Rest in peace, dear Gerard, and thanks for your eternal friendship.

Contributed by Mark Mead Baillie