Minister of State Pierre Dartout brought together institutional representatives, private stakeholders, and the local press to unveil the Government’s roadmap for its attractiveness policy.

Alongside Frédéric Genta, Monaco’s Secretary in charge of Attractiveness and Digital Transformation, and Chloé Leclercq, recently appointed Head of Monaco Private Label and “Chargée de mission” at the Attractiveness unit, the Minister of State reiterated the significance of attractiveness in line with the ambitions of HSH Prince Albert II, emphasising its pivotal role in Monaco’s economic and social model.

“Monaco’s economic development hinges on its ability to attract entrepreneurs, investors, businesses, employees, and tourists,” Mr Dartout said.

In front of an assembly composed of members of the Government and local business representatives, foundations, and associations of the Principality, the Minister of State highlighted Monaco’s strengths amidst global competition, including political and economic stability, quality of life, security, and advanced infrastructure, making it an attractive relocation choice.

With the establishment of the Attractiveness Unit in March 2023, Monaco’s strategy fosters inter-ministerial collaboration, leveraging expertise and networks of public and private entities such as the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, Monaco Association for Financial Activities, the Monaco Economic Board, and Monaco Private Label.

After explaining the missions of the Attractiveness Unit, Frédéric Genta outlined the actions implemented over the past year to better attract, welcome, and integrate residents: “In the global competition among countries to attract talent and investors, rallying and retaining our community in Monaco is a critical issue, just as having top-level relays worldwide. The MPL must become a platform that achieves both objectives.”

Frédéric Genta also revealed the strategy and new governance of Monaco Private Label, an international network with a global influence, comprising nearly 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and economic leaders from over 60 countries. It aims at enriching its network and fostering a sense of belonging through exclusive and philanthropic events organised in partnership with public and private entities called “Friends of MPL”.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service

Laurence Garino, Head of the Cabinet of the Minister of State, HE Pierre Dartout, Chloé Leclercq, and Frédéric Genta