CMB Monaco, one of the leading private banks in the Principality, held its yearly Investment conference on Tuesday, January 30, with over 200 attendees at One Monte-Carlo.

The event was highly technical and offered seasoned investors an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities of 2024.

Francesco Grosoli, CEO of CMB Monaco, in his short introduction said that investors have to face three main types of risks: political – 49 percent of the world population is set to vote this year; geopolitical, with 32 active conflicts in the world at the moment, and economic.

The theme of the conference this year revolved around the power of PERSPECTIVE: viewing challenges as either risks or opportunities. Currently there are uncertainties linked to this pivotal election year and geopolitical tension spreading, as well as uncertainties around the trajectories of interest rates.

Francesco Grosoli emphasised that in the world of investments, it is crucial to balance optimism and preparedness. In this environment it is important to stay diversified and to remain surrounded by investment experts.

As we step into 2024, the outlook focused on navigating uncertainties with resilience and seizing opportunities with strategic vision. Despite the uncertainties, the environment appears highly favourable for both the tech sector and private markets.

Do you think there is a bubble, whether in private markets, technology or real estate? What are the risks and opportunities for 2024? These were just some of the key questions that were addressed by the exceptional investment experts present at the event:

Following her own incisive presentation, Anastasia Amoroso, Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist at iCapital, served as the moderator with a distinguished panel made up of Robert Seminara, Partner and Head of Europe at Apollo and also a member of the Firm’s Leadership Team; Eric Lawson-Smith, Partner responsible for Arma’s Media, Internet, Data and Information (MIDI) practice; and Andrea Valeri, Chairman of Blackstone Italy and a Senior Managing Director in Blackstone Credit.

CMB Monaco collaborates with these four companies (iCapital, Apollo, Arma Partners, Blackstone) reflecting the bank’s philosophy and its private investment bank expertise with top experts so that CMB Monaco can provide its clients with the solutions and expertise they need.

PHOTO: Anastasia Amoroso speaks to the large investor turnout at One Monte-Carlo Ian Brodie