The very first MonacoUSA Networking Event of the year was held at Monaco’s Conscientiae, on Tuesday, January 30. More than a hundred attendees received a very warm welcome from Annette Anderson, who represented MonacoUSA as its Director. She is also Manager of the not so newly reopened former Stars’n’Bars space that has changed beyond recognition.

Didier Rubiolo, the owner and “the Chef”  of the Conscientiae restaurant promoting “a Mediterranean cuisine with Conscience” greeted guests with a proud smile. The uncompromising way in which he creates a seasonal “Menu for the Planet” depending on local markets and harvests with zero-waste policy and no industrial or processed food used and zero plastic packaging makes him a first in Monaco, and as customers are increasingly more conscious of where the food they eat comes from, the formula is a winner for everyone.

And then there is Calme. Conscientiae’s very own Well-Being Zone on the upper floor with dedicated private spaces available to hire by personal coaches and wellness professionals and where, according to Katarina Sagan, who manages the space, demand has been growing from its opening in October and it now offers four regular weekly classes (and many irregular ones)  curated to nurture our body, mind and spirit. 
Well-being was the theme of the networking event and almost a dozen professionals in the field were present for a chat to offer one-to-one advice on how to boost and improve our mental and physical health.

New year’s resolutions are still going strong at this time of the year. It will be around March when gyms start to empty again and there will only be a handful of core regulars. So how to make them last? Gabrielle Crump, Health Coach at Gabrielle’s Zest for Life and the person responsible for creating healthy daily lunch menus at Conscientiae gave me an answer: “Pick something small and don’t try to change everything at once. Once you start doing something small, you do it every day and then you feel better about yourself. It is good to stick the habit on top of something that we already do every day – brushing our teeth. If we drink a glass of warm water with lemon and ginger every day right after – we will remember to do it easily and also we introduce something much healthier to our system as the first thing in the morning instead of a cup of coffee on an empty stomach.”

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PHOTO: Gabrielle Crump, Annette Anderson and Katarina Sagan Martina Brodie