The Monaco Police Service has reported that crime figures remained largely stable in 2023 compared to 2022. Richard Marangoni, Monaco’s Police Chief, said that the crime figures were so good they qualified as “remarkable, almost historic.”

A detailed look at specific offences shows that the number of break-ins rose to 15 compared to 11 in 2022. Drug offences also rose, with 118 cases last year compared to 79 in 2022. Drunk driving arrests also increased, from 101 in 2022 to 134 in 2023. Public drunkenness also spiked, from 283 in 2022 to 347 in 2023.

However, thanks to the arrest of a single online scammer, cases of online fraud fell to 18 from 27 in 2022. Another category that saw a 12-month drop was car theft, which fell from four in 2022 to one in 2023.

During 2023 police officers carried out 57,000 vehicle checks, 44,750 identity checks and answered more than 9,400 emergency calls.