The Monaco Government has warned again about fraudulent emails sent to Monaco residents.

“These fraudulent emails, clumsily written, inform their recipients that they are allegedly involved in a procedure and request from them to open a document in PDF format, contained as an attachment, as well as the sending a response by email. This false summons refers to alleged “criminal proceedings for acts of a sexual nature” brought against the recipient of the message,” the Government said on Monday, January 29.

The addresses from which the messages are sent appear at first site to be genuine. Some email addresses are specially created to look like legitimate addresses except for a small detail such as replacing the letter (i) with the letter (l), adding a full stop (.) or any other character, in order to create confusion. The only email addresses used by Government Services are

It is of utmost importance not to reply and not to open the attached document in PDF format. Recipients are urged to forward such emails to before deleting them.