The Monegasque Athletics Federation has announced a partnership with HOKA, a sports equipment manufacturer specialising in running shoes. This sponsorship will take effect at the next edition on February 10 and 11 and will concern the 5KM HOKA race.

When the 5KM became an official World Athletics distance in 2018, the Monaco Run 5KM Gramaglia immediately stood out as a record-breaking race, with the women’s world record set in 2019 and 2021, the men’s world record in 2019 and 2020, and the men’s European record in 2023.

From then on, it seemed obvious that HOKA, which has always focused its efforts on improving performance with products designed for speed, would invest in this race. The title partnership offers it a crucial opportunity to consolidate its legitimacy in the world of road racing, Hoka said.

In this 2024 edition of the Monaco Run Gramaglia, the objective is clear for the athletes of Team HOKA: break records and get on the podium. Among those who will be part of the Elite field of these two races (while waiting for the complete list), will be the Englishman Ellis Cross, a HOKA athlete since 2016, one of whose feats is having beaten Mo Farah, alongside Jonathan Davies, third best British runner over 5,000 metres in 2023 (13:16.66 PB). Englishman Rory Leonard, European champion in the under-23s over 10,000 metres in 2023, will complement the talents of Team HOKA.

Among the women, eyes will be on Britain’s Sarah Astin, English cross-country champion in 2023.