HSH Prince Albert has received a warm welcome in Davos, where he delivered four speeches on global heating.
The Sovereign drew particular attention to the thawing of thermafrost.

“While it is likely that melting ice will release methane and CO2, it is also likely that it will lead to the resurgence of ancient bacteria and viruses, against which we are not protected. This link between health and environment is crucial. It is crucial for our future because unknown threats could arise soon. But it is also crucial for our ability to act.”

Prince Albert made reference to the Covid pandemic, saying that the global response had been fast and effective.

“The coronavirus crisis has shown us how quickly and effectively humanity is able to protect itself when its health is directly threatened – much more effectively than when the planet is threatened. Let us therefore hope that the permafrost catastrophe, in revealing these links between planetary health and human health, will encourage us to act quickly and well,” he said.

The Prince was accompanied in Davos by Frédéric Genta, interministerial delegate for Attractiveness and Digital Transition, who made a presentation on the role of artificial intelligence and its impact for States at the Greek House.

PHOTO: Frédéric Genta, left, with HSH Prince Albert in Davos