Three of the seven individuals caught on camera fighting in the street just above the Portier roundabout on the last day of the year have been sent to jail.

One of the opposing groups was British – four males – and the other mainly French. The conflict started with an insult from the British group, one of whom assaulted the female in the French party, at which point her two companions came to her rescue.

After a very violent confrontation that lasted five minutes and involved one combatant stamping on the face of his prone victim, all seven individuals were injured and four in total taken to Princess Grace Hospital for treatment.

Three men, aged between 30 and 45 were subsequently jailed at a special court hearing on Tuesday, January 2. One Brit (34) was sentenced to 12 months in jail, eight suspended, while a Frenchman (30) received the same sentence. A Bosnian (45) received a sentence of eight months, six suspended.