NEWS.MC has come into possession of a video showing a shocking incident close to the Portier roundabout that took place in the early hours of Sunday, December 31.

Six young people, including at least one female, are shown in a violent confrontation that quickly spirals out of control. One individual wrestles an opponent to the ground. The victim shouts out in alarm and falls onto the road, motionless, at which point his assailant stomps on his face.

NEWS.MC contacted the Monaco Police, but as routinely happens the policeman on the other end of the line said he was not in a position to talk about the incident. He advised our reporter to ask the Government for any information, and added that since it was the long New Year weekend this would need to wait until Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning we were told that the Government did not wish to communicate on the incident. The Ministry of the Interior said, in response to our request: “It is not our responsibility to communicate on the matter in question, as a legal investigation is underway into it.”

We are therefore not in a position to inform our readers beyond the facts included here as seen in the video. However, it appears that a report has been sent, or is about to be sent, to the Public Prosecutor.

The video is too shocking to publish. The image with this article is a still from the video, which was recorded by a member of the public.