The annual picking of bitter oranges will start on January 8 in the Monte Carlo sector, before moving to rue Princesse Caroline, ave. Grande Bretagne and blvd. de Belgique in the middle of the month. The harvesting will then continue to along blvd. de Suisse and finish in the Condamine on February 10. The exact timetable will depend on the weather.

The Principality has 1,011 citrus trees (orange trees, lemon trees, clementine trees, etc.), including 580 untreated bitter orange trees (census December 2023).

As in previous years, all those wishing to benefit from bitter oranges should approach the gardeners on site. In 2023, 2.33 tonnes of the harvest out of a total of approximately 8.24 tonnes were distributed free of charge to the population as well as to the Lycée Rainier III for transformation of the product into jams and fruit jellies.

For more information: Urban Planning Department – +377 98 98 22 77

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service

FILE PHOTO: Bitter oranges readied to be made into Monaco’s unique Orange Liqueur