Following his arrest 10 days ago on suspicion of corruption, Monaco Mayor Georges Marsan is forbidden by the terms of his release from custody to have any contact with Town Hall officials.

Currently free but under judicial supervision, Mayor Marsan (66) has been charged with a range of corruption offences. Three other people have been indicted and the offences in question include active corruption of a national public official, passive corruption by a national public official, active and passive influence peddling, illegal taking of interest by a national public official and association with criminals.

Four other individuals were arrested at the same time as the Mayor, including Georges Gambarini, a member of the Town Council who is responsible for digital transition and outdoor advertising. He was released the same evening and was able to attend a Town Council meeting on Friday, December 15.

No other names have been made public. Two additional searches in the same case took place during the past week.

FILE PHOTO: Mayor Georges Marsan Official Town Hall photo