The Monegasque will be published three times a year in English, with six events, aiming at a cultured and intellectual readership.

Its first edition, inaugurated earlier this week at the Prince’s Car Collection, is a nod to the centenary of Prince Rainier’s birth including a love letter to Grace as seen through his collection of automobiles, and an article on British Motors, who serviced his cars, among others.

The cover features a Hermès Kelly bag  with a yacht inside and the font very much reminds us of The New Yorker and that is surely not a bad thing.

“The idea of The Monegasque is to create a new concept of print magazine  like nothing you’ve read before in Monaco. Not only will it focus on the arts and culture scene, but the Who’s Who list of contributors – from celebrities to royals – will be as impressive as the stories they share,” says The Monegasque’s Editor-in-Chief Nancy Heslin, who held the same post at Forbes Monaco that ceased to publish in the Principality earlier this year due to the licensing issues. 

Founder and publisher of The Monegasque Luiz Costa Macambira who formally published Forbes Monaco has promised new and exciting media projects in English. 

Here we have it. The Monegasque, made in Monaco, printed in Monaco, sold in Monaco, and shining a spotlight on the Principality with a global readership in mind.

PHOTO: Martine Ackermann