Following the horrific high-speed car crash on the morning of Sunday, December 17, which we now know caused the death of a 19 year-old female IUM student from Kazakhstan, a second victim is confirmed to have died from her injuries.

Monaco Public Prosecutor’s Office said that the second victim, a 19 year-old female of Azerbaijani origin died on the morning of Wednesday, December 20.

The General Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to Monaco-Matin that the driver, a 22-year-old Finnish national, was drunk at the time of the incident, with toxicological analyses confirming this. However, no drugs were found in his system. The Finn, who’s name NEWS.MC cannot publish, is currently hospitalised at the Pasteur hospital in Nice.

A judicial investigation was opened on Tuesday, December 19, on the counts of aggravated involuntary homicide and aggravated involuntary injuries, the General Prosecutor’s Office continued to confirm to the local French language publication.

The driver was behind the wheel of an Audi RS4, the only vehicle involved in the crash, and was in the car with four passengers. All five individuals were in the same year at the International University of Monaco.

The crash occurred at around 4:30 on the morning of Sunday at the exit of the Millennium tunnel, near the Monaco cemetery and the Esso fuel station, with the car travelling in the direction of Cap d’Ail at the time.


Featured image: Pasteur hospital in Nice