A female student at the International University of Monaco has died from injuries received following a high-speed car crash close to the Cemetery in Monaco early on the morning of Sunday, December 17. The driver of the car, which was travelling towards Cap d’Ail and is believed to have been an Audi RS4, survived the initial impact and was cut from the wreckage and taken to hospital. No other vehicle was involved.

The driver is in his second year at IUM and is an automotive enthusiast. The car he was driving is capable of attaining 100 kph in just over four seconds.

The car in which the students were travelling

A second passenger, also female, is in critical condition in a hospital in Nice. It is believed there may have been two more passengers in the car, and doctors are fighting to save their lives.

Although the identities of the driver and passengers are known to NEWS.MC, we have not published them out of respect for the privacy of their families.

An official police report can be expected in several weeks or months, and only at that time can we add much more information.

The editorial team at NEWS.MC would like to express our condolences for the family of the passenger who died, just days before Christmas.