Igor Kolomoisky, whose sister is suing NEWS sarl and its editor Ian Brodie in court in Monaco, has been offered bail of nearly $14 million in the Ukrainian capital as he faces charges of fraud and money-laundering, media reported on Monday, December 11.

Larisa Chertok has brought the case in the Principality alleging defamation. She has asked for one euro plus 25,000 euros in damages in the civil case. The hearing is due to take place next week, on Tuesday, December 19 starting at 14:00 at Monaco Criminal Court.

The defendants claim that this is vexatious litigation with no intrinsic merit.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Kolomoisky’s legal team said that he would not be posting bail but would appeal against the court’s decision.

“Under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor-General’s Office, the [SBU State Security Service] and the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine notified the well-known oligarch of suspicion of legalising fraudulently obtained property,” the Prosecutor-General’s Office said.

In September this year, when Kolomoisky was jailed for two months pending trial, President Zelensky expressed his appreciation for the prosecution of the case: “I thank Ukrainian law enforcement officials for their resolve in bringing to a just outcome each and every one of the cases that have been hindered for decades,” Zelenskiy said in his nightly video address.

Kolomoisky, who at one time owned a major TV channel in Ukraine, was Zelensky’s boss before he became president, when Zelensky played a prophetic role in a series called ‘Servant of the People.’

Kolomoisky, who is a citizen of Cyprus and Israel, has been implicated in corruption and money laundering on an epic scale, second only to the Madoff affair.

FILE PHOTO: Laughing all the way from the bank Igor Kolomoisky

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