More than a hundred attendees marked the special 50th anniversary of the MonacoUSA Association by attending the latest networking get-together at the Novotel Monte-Carlo Bar on Tuesday evening, with an always entertaining tombola and open cash bar.

Director Annette Anderson opened the evening not wanting to talk about history because she’d rather talk about the future. “The Association’s aim has always been to bring people together – to create a community where we can share a happy evening together – like tonight – as well as learn a bit about some of the amazing people and organisations that are doing positive things for Monaco – and the world. But if Covid-19 – and current events have taught us anything – it is that being part of a community carries responsibility… And that responsibility is to be ready to help other members of our community if they need it. I’m not talking about writing checks but rather volunteering our time and investing ourselves in the community that is Monaco. I hope that next year MonacoUSA will be able to help identify more ways that we can all make a difference.”

President of the Association Mike Powers read a letter from HSH Prince Albert who couldn’t be present in person, in which he said: “My mother, Princess Grace, never missed an opportunity to foster cultural, educational and artistic exchanges between her native America and her adopted Principality and MonacoUSA is the direct fruit of her desire to ensure a sincere friendship between the two countries.”

It was the hope of Princess Grace that from the time of the establishment of MonacoUSA in 1973, it would evoke the true American spirit of open friendship, good cheer, a willing hand to help others and, above all, informality. She intended that the meetings of the group should be kept casual  and affordable to all ” from the CEO of an international company to an au pair working for a Monaco family.”

Many attending residents and first time visitors told NEWS.MC that the down to earth and relaxed atmosphere is what always attracts them to the MonacoUSA Networking events. “It is always a great pleasure to meet people you know and people you meet for the first time, ” said Lora Bernabei.

“When I first came to Monaco, 40 years ago'” said Merrily Lustig Tornatore, who is now a member of the MonacoUSA Board, “I didn’t want to talk to any Americans, I avoided meeting them and wanted to meet other nationalities. And then I went to a MonacoUSA event and it felt so good to be there. It felt like home.”