A Carabinier was randomly attacked while on duty at the normally tranquil Place du Palais just after 20:00 on the evening of Wednesday, November 29.

Tourists were no doubt surprised to see the disturbance, in which an individual elbowed the rifleman before kicking him in the genital area. The assailant was then, unsurprisingly, subdued by several members of the Carabinieri, before being arrested by Monaco police.

The individual, a 49-year-old Frenchman, suffers from schizophrenia and was subsequently admitted to the psychiatric department of the Princesse-Grace Hospital Centre.

This incident was not the Frenchman’s first unsavoury run-in with local law enforcement, having previously committed a violent act against a police officer in the Principality.

Featured image by Jack Brodie: the normally tranquil Place du Palais where the Prince’s Carabinieri regularly conduct their duties