A delegation composed of three GRECO evaluators (from Austria, Belgium, Republic of Moldova) and a member of the Secretariat visited Monaco from November 20 to 24 to carry out an evaluation as part of GRECO’s 5th evaluation round. The topics covered were the prevention of corruption and the promotion of the integrity of the top executive functions, as well as within the police. An evaluation report will be drawn up and examined by the GRECO Plenary session in June 2024, the Council of Europe reports.

Meanwhile, the Monaco Government reported that the members of the delegation were able to interact with representatives of the Authorities of the Principality, civil society and the media*.

According to a Monaco Government press release, translated from French: “These exchanges made it possible to present to the evaluators the different systems of prevention and fight against corruption implemented in Monaco and those in progress of development. This visit was also an opportunity for the Principality to reiterate its determination to continue its efforts to develop its regulations regarding the prevention of corruption and promoting integrity. The G.R.E.C.O. is expected to adopt its report on Monaco in June 2024. Delegation of the G.R.E.C.O: For Persons Exercising High Executive Functions (P.H.F.E.): – Mr Michel Claise, Financial Investigating Judge, Court of First Instance (Belgium). For law enforcement services (A.S.R.): – Ms Silvia Thaller, Prosecutor General, Central Prosecution Service for Economic Crime and Corruption (Austria); – Ms Cristina Lesnic, Head of the General Department of International Relations and of European Integration, Ministry of the Interior (Moldova). For the secretariat of the G.R.E.C.O: – Mr Stéphane Leyenberger.”

GRECO differs from Moneyval in that GRECO examines corruption while Moneyval is interested primarily in money-laundering, but includes in its remit the financing of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Both are subsidiary parts of the Council of Europe.

  • Editor’s note: NEWS sarl, a Monegasque company, was not included