On Thursday, November 23, HSH Prince Albert and HSH Princess Stéphanie travelled to Lucciana, accompanied by members of the Committee to Commemorate the Centenary of the Birth of Prince Rainier III, to inaugurate the exhibition “Rainier III of Monaco in the footsteps of Saint Devote: June 9, 2003, a special day in Lucciana”, at the Archaeological Museum of Mariana – Prince Rainier III, next to the Canonica Cathedral.

They were welcomed by Messrs. Michel Prosic, Prefect of Haute-Corse, and José Galletti, Mayor of Lucciana.

Prince Rainier III made his last major trip by going to Lucciana in 2003, on the eve of the commemoration of the 17th centenary of the saint’s martyrdom. This pilgrimage, which took place during the feast of Pentecost, is at the origin of the twinning of the municipality of Monaco with the municipality of Lucciana in 2009.

The exhibition, designed by Ophélie de Peretti, director of the Mariana Museum, Françoise Gamerdinger, director of Cultural Affairs, and Thomas Fouilleron, director of the Palais Archives, with scenography by Thomas Guillaume and which is inspired by the boat journey of the patron saint of Corsica and Monaco, is open until September 22, 2024.

Sculptures, coins, postage stamps, and archival documents testify to the cult of Saint Dévote in Monaco since the 17th century, and, in particular, under the reign of Prince Rainier III.