While Igor Kolomoisky faces a criminal probe in Ukraine in connection with the disappearance of five and a half billion dollars from a bank that then failed, his sister is suing the company that publishes NEWS.MC in court in Monaco, and also the author of the report.

Larissa (sometimes spelled Larisa) Chertok, described on court documents as an Israeli citizen with an address in Anieres, Switzerland, has lodged a claim for defamation in an article published on May 2 this year in which it was stated that she is the beneficial owner of a number of properties in France and Switzerland, including a 15th century Chateau on the southern shores of Lake Geneva, through SCI companies registered in Monaco. She is claiming one euro in damages. However, the sting is in the tail as Ms Chertoff is also demanding 25,000 euros in legal expenses.

The court case being brought in Monaco meets all the criteria of a so-called SLAPPS lawsuit.

According to the European Parliament: ”One of the techniques used to harass and silence journalists, human rights defenders, activists and other society watchdogs are Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs), i.e. groundless or abusive lawsuits, disguised as defamation actions or alleged constitutional and/or civil rights violations…”

NEWS.MC stands by the original article and the case will be defended most vigorously. A Parisian law office is helping on the lawsuit, together with local legal representation.

The case is due to be heard on November 28, but the defendants are asking for an adjournment ‘to prepare our defence.’

EARLIER ARTICLE: https://news.mc/2023/05/02/ukrainian-family-used-monaco-front-companies-to-facilitate-money-laundering/