On December 24, Holy Communion will be offered at 08:00 with the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (said), with a second Holy Communion service at 19:30 (Common Worship and Carols), with post-service refreshments in the Chaplain’s house.

On December 25, 08:00 Holy Communion (1662 Book of Common Prayer – said), and 10:30 Holy Communion (Common Worship – said).

On the last day of the year, 08:00 Holy Communion (1662 Book of Common Prayer – said) and at 10:30 Holy Communion (Common Worship – said)

Sunday School has restarted after a break of several years following the retirement of Father Walter. For boys and girls from 3 upwards. Further details from alisonbearn007@gmail.com

FILE PHOTO: From the 2023 performance of Messiah