The traditional Owners Lunch on the opening day of the Monaco Yacht Show catered for 100 guests at the Monaco Yacht Club.
During the event, an agreement was signed with The Explorers Club, founded in 1904 to promote scientific exploration. “This agreement reflects yet again our Club’s commitment to environmental issues, as well as the bond that unites Monaco and The Explorers Club,” said Bernard d’Alessandri, Yacht Club de Monaco General Secretary. “Our wish is to bring together all those who are witnesses to climate change and those working to combat the problem,” he added.

His sentiments were echoed by Sir William Roseman, Executive Director at The Explorers Club, which has 4,000-plus members from over 60 countries: “It means we share the same missions, one of which is to preserve the planet in every way possible or imaginable. We are joining forces in the noble quest for innovation, paving the way to a brighter more sustainable future for our oceans and the world.”

The combined length of yachts owned by Monaco Yacht Club members is more than 2,200 metres.


PHOTO: Bernard d’Alessandri, right, Monaco Yacht Club General Secretary speaks to the owners