Following a leak in the air conditioning system at the Ecole de la Condamine over the past weekend, six classrooms and the establishment’s canteen were damaged.

Classes will take place as usual on Monday, September 18, but the students from the affected classes will be distributed among other establishments in La Condamine: the Stella School and the Rainier III High School as well as at the Devens Leisure Centre.

All students will be greeted at the Condamine school and their lessons will be taught by their usual teachers. A canteen service will be provided for all students, regardless of their host establishment.

End of school will be at 16:30 as usual. Parents will be able to pick up their children from the Condamine school and the daycare service will be maintained for the students who benefit from it.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service

FILE PHOTO: Condamine School