More details have emerged of the fiery incident in the Louis-II tunnel that took the lives of three young men in the early hours of April 1.
According to Monaco’s police service, the vehicle was travelling at 156 kph when it hit a low wall in the tunnel and burst into flames. The occupants of the car were turned to cinders and the blaze caused damage to electrical wiring in the tunnel, infamous for being part of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit.

The Audi Q3 was doing 148 kph at the moment of impact at 04:16 in the morning, and the driver had consumed a large amount of alcohol – 1.76 grams per litre – as well as cocaine, having earlier left a nightclub in Larvotto with two companions.

The names of the three victims have not been divulged, except that one was French and two were Swiss. Two worked in banking in Monaco, one of them was a resident, and the third man was a visitor from Switzerland whose occupation has not been disclosed.