Meteo-France has placed the neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes on Orange Alert for high temperatures for Sunday and Monday, July 9 and 10. The alert comes into effect at 06:00 on Sunday morning.

The peaks during the day on Sunday, according to Meteo-France, will be 29 in the shade in Nice, 30 in Menton, 31 at Cannes and 33 at Antibes. Slightly inland the high will be 34 on Sunday and at least 36 on Monday, with the forecaster predicting temperatures could go as high as 40.

“On Monday the maximum in the PACA region with be between 37 and 40 degrees,” Meteo-France said.

The high in Monaco on Monday is forecast to be 32 or 33. Night-time temperatures during the coming week will be no more than 24, according to forecasters.

The usual preventative measures are recommended in order to avoid dehydration and sunstroke.