When he ascended the throne in 1949, Prince Rainier inherited an exhausted and out of breath Principality that had narrowly escaped annexation by France at the end of the Second World War.

But however shy he was in appearance, the young Sovereign was determined.

“This legend of a country of operetta, I would like it to disappear. I would like us to be taken seriously!”

He set to work to learn the profession of Prince: “An isolated, solitary profession. It has always been, and especially here where we are on the shores of the Mediterranean, where there is all the same a bit of the spirit of intrigue of the Florentine courts. You have to be wary, both of the flatterers and detractors.”

Rainier III went on to transform the Principality and its economy, standing up to the greats of this world like General de Gaulle and the billionaire Aristotle Onassis, and succeeded in placing his small country on the world map.

He dedicated his life to one thing: “to be respected”. From his solitary childhood to the ovation he received during his last public appearance at the International Circus Festival, the Monegasque Sovereign himself recounts the main stages of his life in this exceptional film, thanks to sound recordings made throughout his reign.

The film is produced by Monegasque director Yann-Antony Noghès, with the voice of Fanny Ardant.

This will be screened at the Grimaldi Forum on July 4, starting at 19:00 and entrance is free upon registration. Due to great demand a second screening has been scheduled, for July 5.