With the Top Marques Show due to start next week, the Government has warned of tougher measures against drivers who cause a nuisance.

Over the last few years many sports car drivers have flocked to Monaco to celebrate Top Marques as a festival of speed and loud noises.

In a statement Thursday, June 1, the authorities said: “The Prince’s Government draws attention to the fact that certain particularly attractive events can cause large concentrations of vehicles likely to cause significant disturbance to public order. Very often unscheduled, these gatherings of sports cars give rise to the commission of proven traffic offences and inappropriate and dangerous behaviour.”

The Government intends to fight “more effectively against the perpetrators of occasional nuisances and thus preserve the public peace and security of the residents of the Principality.”

In the event of transgression of the Highway Code, the immediate immobilisation of the vehicle will be extended to 120 hours, the Government warned.