Prince Albert II is very proud of the achievements of Roca Team in the past month.

“It is extraordinary that our basketball team finished third in the EuroLeague. If someone had predicted this to me a few years ago, I would have called him crazy. I never thought the team would develop so quickly. What has now been built up is really an achievement. Of course it’s about the coaches and the players, but the whole organisation has made strides and also all the volunteers who have done their best for years for basketball in our country have contributed to this success,” the Sovereign said in an interview with Monaco Matin.

“Roca Team is now a showcase for the Principality, not only sportingly but also in general. The name of Monaco is conveyed by this team in a beautiful way. But sudden success also creates obligations.”

Roca Team currently plays its home games in Salle Gaston Médecin, which even after the renovations of a year ago does not fully meet the requirements set by the EuroLeague. Monaco have been given a provisional dispensation to play the matches in that hall at the Stade Louis II.

The prince is very concerned about this problem: “We cannot continue in this way in the long term. We know that there needs to be a new stadium for Roca Team. Because the capacity must eventually be expanded. A renovation of Louis II is too expensive and we cannot use the Chapiteau for this because we need it for various events in the year. Actually, we have to move to a project in Moneghetti, which I think is the only alternative in Monaco and we do want to keep Roca Team for the Principality,” he said. 

FILE PHOTO: The present home of the Roca Team