In a wide-ranging interview in French-language daily Monaco Matin, HSH Prince Albert said he is “very attached” to the freedom of the press.

However, the Sovereign had critical words to say about the so-called Dossiers du Rocher, which have been published anonymously and which refer to a number of business dealings in the Principality, the outcomes of which are not to the publisher’s liking.

“But once again it is the image of the Principality that is affected and it is neither more nor less than a reputational lynching which is committed against Monaco. We must speak out against this and I would like to remind you that integrity, impartiality, respect, competence and loyalty are the ethical values that must be imposed on all people in the service of the Principality,” the Prince told the newspaper.

The Sovereign said that he had asked those involved to face up to their responsibilities. It’s not just the Dossiers, but “also other articles that come out repeatedly and it’s disastrous for Monaco’s image. We absolutely have to put an end to it,” he said.

Prince Albert referred to actions that are underway, “and we must let justice do its job, but I hope this time will not be too long because it is all becoming very heavy. And who is on the front line, pictured in the newspapers ? It’s me. However, I am not directly or indirectly involved in these attacks,” he said.

PHOTO: Prince’s Palace