Princess Caroline’s son Pierre Casiraghi and his wife Beatrice Borromeo are working on films and a TV series on the history of the Principality, according to Hollywood’s Variety newspaper.

Production will start next year through the couple’s Astrea company.

Also involved is Charlotte Casiraghi’s husband Dimitri Rassam, as producer, and, according to Variety, the writers Martha Hillier (The Last Kingdom and Versailles) has been retained to write the first instalment of Monaco, which is titled Part I — The Rock.

“I thought I knew this story but it turns out I had only scratched the surface. Simply said it is epic in every way: Family, adventure, intrigue,” said Rassam. “The true story of the foundation of the Grimaldis of Monaco some seven centuries ago is one of the most captivating stories I have had the chance of discovering thanks to the initiative of Beatrice, Andrea and Pierre,” he said.

Astrea said the project was initiated by Andrea Casiraghi – Pierre’s older brother – when he “started exploring the archives of the palace in search of the most compelling untold stories.”

“We were overwhelmed by the amount of untold, intriguing and epic tales that were hidden in ancient documents and private correspondence throughout the centuries. Ultimately we decided to start at the beginning. Martha Hillier brought her passion and talent into telling the Grimaldi’s origin story by carving from those archives the most layered, witty and authentic characters,” Astrea said.

Variety added that Astrea is in the process of finding “talent” to fill the roles.


FILE PHOTO: Pierre Casiraghi, Beatrice Borromeo, Charlotte Casiraghi, Tatiana Santo Domingo and Andrea Casiraghi – © Olivier Huitel / Pool / Bestimage