Bugatti has just opened the doors to its new showroom in Monaco, located at Rascasse, one of Formula 1’s most iconic corners.

“Bugatti is a natural fit for the Principality of Monaco, delivering the unparalleled prestige, excellence and timeless luxury that the clientele of this region expects,” Bugatti Automobiles managing director Hendrik Malinowski said.

“We are delighted to open our new home in Monaco; these are the very streets that Bugatti made history on long-ago and we couldn’t imagine a better place to pay homage to our extraordinary heritage and connection to Monaco.”

Bugatti is operating the dealership with Segond Automobiles, which has been in Monaco for more than 35 years. Complementing the new showroom is a maintenance and servicing facility that is also overseen by Segond Automobiles housing a team of specialised technicians that have been trained by Bugatti in Molsheim, France.

“The Bugatti Monaco showroom is in one of the most desirable European venues and is situated in one of the most iconic areas of the city,” said the managing director of Segond Automobiles Group, Stephane Colmart. “It is the ideal location from which to welcome customers into the world of Bugatti, a brand renowned for its racing successes and its world-leading craftsmanship. We are immeasurably proud to be part of the Bugatti network, with both the showroom and the after-sales center, and are really excited to welcome guests to offer them the ultimate in design, convenience and luxury.”

The W16 Mistral was shown to select guests at the opening.