The MEWS Global Web3 Leadership Summit is set to host its International Metaverse & Web3 community from May 3-5. This exclusive event, with attendance limited to 250 participants from over 40 countries, marks the beginning of a season of entertainment, film, and e-sports events in the Cote d’Azur, with the theme “Eyes to the Future.”

The MEWS is the most prestigious Metaverse event in the world.

The summit showcases Web3 innovation and allows participating thought industry leaders to build lasting relationships through workshops, panel discussions, keynotes, immersive experiences, and other activities, with an exclusive format of only 250 attendees from over 40 countries.

Additional keynote speakers confirmed are: Nic Mitham, CEO Metaversed Consulting, a renowned thought leader in the Metaverse sector. Nic is at the forefront of advising brands, his expertise spans world-class data and market analytics, and he publishes the Web3 Metaverse Index: In the first position of Nic’s Index, leading Nic’s Top 100 Metaverse index, is Mythical Games, with its CEO John Linden who will be presenting a keynote on Metaverse interoperability at the MEWS Summit.

Metaverse Entertainment World will host a world premiere from VIBE, CEO Joseph Khan, revealing the innovative mobile-first platform transforming fan engagement and monetization in TV and gaming entertainment for Gen Z through immersive experiences, personalized AI-generated content, and live-stream shopping. Sponsored by VIBE, the MEWS Cocktail will feature the “futurist creatrix” singer VNCCII and curated artwork by Faben.

Welcoming businesses to Monaco are Monaco Asset Management, Business and Digital representatives of the Monaco Government like the Head of Digital Transformation and Attractiveness Frederic Genta, Extended Monaco, and Justin Highman, Deputy CEO of the Monaco Economic Board, but also the Web3 Sports Elite with Monaco’s World Athletic Federation having been part of the Jury for the MEWS Sports Award 2023.

Further speakers are Sandbox Co-founder Sebastien Borget, Dr. Stephen Castell, Expert Witness to the plaintiffs in the FTX, Voyager, and Binance US class action lawsuits, Jakin Vela, Executive Director IGDA, Andrea Adams, Founder of Phygicode, Amazon’s Partnership Lead Demi Karanikolaou, Allen Bolden (IDX), Leo Pearlman, Fulwell 73 Productions, Adam Morse, Producer, and Thierry Dor, Partner & NFT Expert for Gide Loyrette Nouel, Marc Weber, CEO Floin, Anne- Sophie Bordry, Founder Medicis Web, covering subjects from fashion, luxury, food, real estate, collectibles, sports and gaming, to travel and tourism.

Major metaverse players attending and presenting include Roblox, Decentraland, Spatial, UrNowhere, Dworld, Space, Horizon, SuperworldApp, OneRare, Sandbox, Polystream, Rooom, Omniverse, Marthaverse, and VERSE World presented by Leila Hurstel, CMO Verse Estate, a Metaverse focused on hyper-realistic designs. Verse Estate is currently building a full Virtual Reality World, with its marketplace and virtual economy. Experience the real Metaverse!

Participants will be able to experience phygital and immersive holographic experiences by Orbis Holographics, Phygicode, and Camille Louise Jewellery, as well as discover NFT artists Krista Kim, Jeff Bandman, Nizzar, and Talia Zoref, the founder of Eyes of Fashion. The event will also feature two open Metaverse galleries: 6529 Fund SZN1 Gallery and the Genesis Museum of Generative Art. “Treehugger,” another immersive experience, will enhance well-being through a surprising 3D experience.

The MEWS Awards, which honour ten outstanding achievements, will be decided this week. The winners out of +80 nominees will be celebrated during a black-tie Charity Gala on May 4. HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco is expected to present an award himself. The event will also feature a surprise performance by “Les French Twins,” world-awarded Digital Illusionists, and a “Metaverse foody extravaganza” with futuristic dishes designed by Michelin-starred chef Yannick Alleno.

Some of the MEWS nominees will be honoring us with their presence, such as Karl Novak from WWF for WWF x NFT, the creator of the NFA – Non-Fungible Animals campaign, which brings the WWF into web3/Crypto/NFTs, rrreeeffss and Reef Resilience Lucien Woodtli.

On May 5, there will be a Financial Breakfast featuring Ioana Surpateanu, who will be answering the question: “Where is the Trillion Dollar market,” as estimated by McKinsey, JPMorgan, and Goldman Sachs.

As our respective press conference was held virtually in the Exclusible Penthouse on Spatial Metaverse Platform, attendees were able to create their avatars with Ready Player Me and attend. Most of the MEWS Summit Keynotes and presentations from the main stage will be streamed into the Metaverse UrNowhere, and tickets are available online.