Ben Lambrecht, the director of AS Monaco, and Robert Calcagno, the director of the Oceanographic Institute, met on Monday, April 17 at the Oceanographic Museum to sign a partnership agreement between the two Monegasque institutions.

“Due to the geographical location of the Principality, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, AS Monaco has always had a particular sensitivity for the marine world,” said Lambrecht, adding that “It was therefore natural to get closer to the Oceanographic Institute, a real reference in this field and with which we already had links, to see how we could make ourselves useful. Through this partnership, we wish to integrate all the components of the Club into our approach and use our sounding board to raise awareness among our supporters and as many people as possible about the importance of protecting the ocean and its biodiversity.”

A different yet equally emblematic entity of the Principality, the Oceanographic Institute has stood the heart of a collective commitment of the institutions of Monaco in favour of the Ocean. The objective of the Institute is to accelerate awareness and decisions in favour of global protection of the ocean, while the Oceanographic Museum has educated its visitors on the wonders of marine life for over a century.

Joining the directors of the two Monegasque institutions were the young players of the AS Monaco Academy, who were the first to benefit from the agreement on the occasion of its signing with a guided tour of the museum and its diverse aquarium.

“Our mission at the Oceanographic Institute is to reveal, transmit and amplify the connection between the Ocean, People and Species. This involves, among other things, raising awareness among visitors, our exchanges with young people, but it can also involve sport, which plays a catalytic role with a huge public,” said Calcagno.

The director of the Institute added” “It is therefore essential to unite all this energy and this fervour for the preservation of the Ocean so that in turn, players, supporters, fans, amateurs and spectators naturally adopt the idea that they can be ambassadors of the Ocean.”

Featured image courtesy of AS Monaco