Ambassador of Monaco Isabelle Picco, speaking at the first United Nations Conference on the theme of water, emphasised ”the urgent need to recover the value of water for the sustainable management of this essential resource”.

The long-serving Permanent Representative of Monaco to the UN said that the Principality had succeeded in the “the implementation of a rational management policy which has led to a 26 percent reduction in water consumption”.

She added that investments have been made “in efficient and quality facilities such as the Waste Water Treatment Plant for a more efficient and less polluting treatment of the waters of the Principality and neighbouring French municipalities”.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres welcomed the 700 commitments made under the Water Agenda to be implemented by 2030 that will put humanity “on the path to a future where water security will be ensured for each and every one of us.”

PHOTO: HE Isabelle Picco