In the wake of the Monte-Carlo Masters tournament, the Eze Padel Club will host the first ever edition of the Five Padel Cup, a three-day event consisting of five different padel tournaments.

BSG SRL, the company behind the new cup, will bring together stars and amateurs and pros from different backgrounds together for a special competition. The main objective of the Five Padel Cup is “to highlight the universality of this sport by inviting at the same time and in an exceptional setting*, personalities from different horizons. It’s an opportunity for all participants to meet around a common interest,” says Roberta Ceccarelli, the CEO of the Rome based company organising the event.

From Monday, April 17 to Wednesday, April 19, five separate categories of players will simultaneously battle it out on the courts of the Eze Village club in the first ever Five Padel Cup. The categories include a youth tournament, a women’s competition, a tournament for wheelchair padel players and two further competitions.

Taking on the sport’s VIP category will be Louis Ducruet’s Barbagiuans, a fully Monegasque sports team set up by HSH Prince Albert over forty years ago, now captained by his nephew Ducruet.

Perhaps as a result of their participation in the annual Fight AIDS Cup, supporting Princess Stephanie’s Fight AIDS Monaco foundation, the Barbagiuans are most commonly associated with football, so the Five Padel Club will present the challenge of a new discipline.

Two Barbagiuan teams will take to the courts, including a former AS Monaco player Gaël Givet. The French international played as a defender in the Principality side’s European conquest in 2004. Now back in red and white with the Barbagiuans, Givet is mastering the padel, and for a noble cause, as the event seeks to highlight the Fight AIDS Monaco foundation, along with Fondazione HEAL. Both foundations will receive part of the proceeds as beneficiaries of the cup.

Givet will joined by other former football players, more specifically the former players of the Squadra Azzura, more widely known as the Italian national football team. The Italian stallions will be taking up their rackets to bring the fight to the doorstep of the Barbagiuans in the rapidly growing game of padel. “The beauty of padel is also in the diversity of the profiles of the players, more and more numerous in Italy and around the world,” Ceccarelli confirmed.

Featured image courtesy of Padel Club Eze