Nearly 400 Monaco supporters of the Kate Powers Foundation attended its official inauguration on Tuesday evening in the presence of honorary Foundation president HSH Prince Albert II.
The Foundation was created in 2022 to honour and continue the legacy of Kate Powers, co-founder of the legendary family-friendly restaurant  Stars’n’Bars.   Kate was also a dedicated eco-activist whose life-long desire and passion was to build and strengthen a sustainable community that works together for the benefit of everyone.
On Tuesday evening, the Foundation unveiled its first project in Kate’s memory aimed at reducing the use of plastic water bottles in the principality.  The idea is to recruit private, corporate and  community sponsors to purchase and  install free filtered public water fountains in various locations throughout Monaco.   Centrally located and accessible, these fountains would dispense drinking water to those refilling their own reusable water bottles and hopefully cut down on the purchase – and disposal – of single use plastic bottles.  Partners in this ambitious undertaking include the WATER SMART FOUNDATION and the company Pure Ionic Water.
Among dignitaries and celebrities attending the event at Twiga were F1 legends Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard, world champion long-distance runner Paula Radcliffe, musician John McLaughlin and cyclist Thor Husvold as well as Monaco Education Minister Isabelle Bonnal.
Prince Albert called on “everyone who has been touched by Kate” to continue her work for the planet and well-being. Paula Radcliffe said “Kate was an amazing lady and the Foundation is such a fantastic way to ensure everything she stood for and supported in Monaco lives on in her memory and continues to make a difference within the community.”

PHOTO: HSH Prince Albert, Mike Powers, and Didier Rubiolo, Kate’s partner in Stars’n’Bars
Ed Wright Images and Nitin Sachania Photography for the images below.